Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheap and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas!

Sorry guys I don't know why I didn't think of posting this like a week ago.  I love Halloween, and I love doing it as cheaply as possible.

Zombie Anything
A few years ago my go to costume was Zombie Grandma

  • Vintage Dress
  • Shredded Knee High Stockings -  Borrow from Grammie, sacrifice worn out tights, or buy the biggest size you can find for maximum droop.
  • Teacup - For sipping classy beverages ;)
This one is easy peasy.  Just head to your local thrift store and see what's available. 
Some other ideas include:
  • Chef /Waitress/Public Utilities Zombie - Some places have abundant work uniforms
  • Zombie Prom
  • Zombie Grandma (2) - Robe, bedroom slippers, giant purse FTW
  • Bill Nye the Zombie Guy - White lab coat and Bill!  Bill!  Bill, Bill!
  • Zombie Zumba Instructor - Just add workout clothes, a little puff paint, a few hits with the bedazzler and BAM!  I like to move it, move it!
For those of you wanting to go beyond the standard grease paint, check out the Zombie Pub Crawl's Makeup Guide.  I have made the blood, scabs and flesh and all turned out delightful.  Be careful with the blood though it will run a lot, so use small amounts or soak your face over a sink.  Watch for drips!

Zombie a le ZPC Makeup Guide

Fitness/Aerobics Instructor
All right ladies (and some of you gents) we all know Halloween is the time of year that you like to wear as little and as form fitting as possible.  Nothing else says, "let's get physical" like a neon leotard from the late 80's.       

If I wasn't being all extra thrifty, my plan for this year was to go as a Zumba Instructor and bust out those sassy dance moves all night long.  All right ladies!  Break it down, now butterfly, aaaaannnnnnd SALSA!
  • See above, Zombie Zumba Instructor - minus the zombie of course
What's that?  Why the Zumba obsession?  Uh, uh, uh....  I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but I LOVE ZUMBA!!  It's totally embarrassing, semi-suggestive, often hilarious and loads of fun.  20 years of professional dance lessons and I am still forced to throw down the awkward engineer card in social dance situations.  Zumba is some of the best 45 minutes of bootay shaking life has to offer.  Seriously!  I may not have any more rhythm, but after shaking everything the lord didn't intend for me to shake, I have a huuuuge arsenal of dance moves to bust out - no matter the occasion.

Mom's Closet
I can't speak for you guys out there, but my mom can't get rid of ANYTHING.  Thank goodness, because her closet offers some of the best costume shopping around.  

Square Dancing, Anyone?  All right, all right.  It probably helps that I grew up in the sticks and yes, people actually do this and actually dress like this.  No, not everyday, this isn't the Brady Bunch, but when there's a dance, yes.  

This is where you come to my closet.  Just kidding.  This is another easy peasy one.  
  • Polo Shirt or Collared Shirt
  • Suspenders
  • Trousers - Too short or rolled up
  • Slicked Back Hair
  • Taped Glasses
Shopping advice, if you don't normally wear glasses you can get some pretty fancy ones at the dollar store for a buck.  A BUCK!  Amazing.  

Couples Idea For the Less Than Enthused Guy - Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodsmen

For him:
  • Flannel Shirt
  • Stocking Cap
  • Creatively Crafted Cardboard Hatchet - we had a real one, but if you're out to bootay shake at the clubs, probably not suggested.
  • Beard or Scruff - definite plus
For her:
  • Skimpy Dress
  • Red Cape - You can make one by using this pattern.  I skipped the capelet and had ribbon ties
  • Tights - because baby it's cold outside.
  • Basket
  • Stuffed Animal Dog/Wolf.

The American Tourist
This is an oldy, but a goody and what i'm resurrecting for this year's Halloween.  Slightly bummed I don't have an excuse to show off my Zumba moves, but the best costume is a free costume!

  • Straw Hat or Sun Hat
  • Hawaiian or "Loud" Print Shirt or Dress 
  • Shorts
  • White Crew Socks
  • Sandals or Tennis Shoes
  • Fanny Pack
  • Accessories - Camera, sunglasses, map, etc.
Two years ago this costume cost me $13 at the thrift store. 
  • Hat - $2
  • Fanny Pack - $3
  • Parrot Dress - PRICELESS!  with an initial investment of $8, and so worth every penny!

Other Ideas - 
If you have a white dress, add a wig and a beauty mark.  Ba-da-bing, Marilyn Monroe. 

Clearance hip hop frog material, ivy, bandana, "spinner" and voila, Gangster Toga.

and if you don't know what a LARPER is...  just google it.  Endless possibilities there.  
All right, that's all I have time for right now.  I hope that helps.  Let me know what other frugal costume ideas you guys come up with.  Have a great time and be safe!

More Pictures Coming Soon!


  1. Chick Magnet! I had this idea two years ago and was a chick magnet for halloween. I raided my baby sister's toy chest and hung barbie dolls all over my clothes. Worked great. *Word to the wise - Don't put them on your backside unless you plan on not sitting down for the entire evening
    ;-). Chick magnet ftw!