Friday, October 28, 2011

Dropped the Ball

Last night's grocery store trip was a complete disaster.  I don't know what happened!

I went in with $30 cash and a short short grocery list.  I left $47 and 4 bags later.  Since my budget will recycle on Friday, I only need to survive, at the bare minimum... Hey wait, today is Friday!

Ok ok, so it's not quite as bad as it could have been, and more like getting a jump start on this next week's groceries.  Though I still don't know what came over me.  It's like I was on survival mode and my primal discount senses were on high alert. 

I went in needing: eggs, bread, cheese, salsa and chili stuff. 

Before I knew it I was sniffing out the doughnuts and throwing piles of meat in the cart.  I don't really eat much meat, but I couldn't get over that it was on SALE!  and this incessant need to horde overcame all logical reasoning.  Come on, it's on sale!   

Come on, Snowball, it's the grocery store.  Everything is always on sale.

I ended up buying things like Ramen noodles (I know, I know the college days are over), penny burritos (you know those reaaaally cheap ones in the freezer section.  The ones that used to cost 20 cents and now all of a sudden cost 69 cents.) those aforementioned doughnuts, almond milk AND soymilk?  a coffee experiment, 3 things of cheese (glutton), 3 lbs of chicken at $1.99/lbs and 3 lbs of 80% lean ground beef at $2.49/lbs.  I hemmed and hawed over the ground beef for what seemed like ages.  I don't even like hamburger, but I am making chili with a certain special someone tonight and thought that they might appreciate the additional protein (and yes,  it was on sale! Also it was the smallest poundage that was on the shelf.  Ay! )

I normally eat pretty healthy, but last night everything came with a justification. 
  • If I buy this it's still cheaper than going out... 
  • If I can't get my act together and need something quick this is still cheaper than going out. 
  • Come on, it's cheese and cheese keeps forever, right?
  • If I buy all this meat I will save lots of dollars and have it in the freezer for whenever I need it.
  • And dangit!  I'm so stressed out I just need this doughnut! 
    and this one too...
I gave in, each and every time.  It's just too easy to justify spending, afterall I am working for each thing I buy therefore I deserve it... right?  *sigh*

I'm a big fan of Ted Talks and if you haven't listened to the Year of Living Biblically I totally recommend it.  A.J. Jacobs is highly entertaining, but made one statement that really stuck with me.  He says that in his experiment he learned that the most powerful way to change your mind is to change your behavior.  Basically fake it til you make it.  The example he gives is someone wanting to be more charitable.  Something they could do is make a donation.  They probably didn't want to part with that money, but it in the end it invests them (literally) in the charity and gives them a reason to be close to it and support it.  Probably not the best explanation, but I'm trying to quickly pound this out before I start my work day.  For me, I'm hoping that if I go through my list on auto pilot and not make any concessions that I will just get better at living without.  Fingers crossed.

On the bright side:  Of all places, at least I went wild at the grocery store...

Mmm... doughnuts for breakfast.

Happy Friday,

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