Sunday, October 30, 2011

My First Snowball

My bank account looks so nice and cush right now.  Do I really wanna do this? 
Yes... no... yes... maybe?
I should... but I don't want to... *whine*

I just need to hit submit really quick and get this over with.  The faster the better, like a bandaid!
Argh, that money could buy new car tires, a battery, an oil pan gasket, cute ankle boots. Uh, I mean, pay for that upcoming specialist appointment or my admittance to the patent bar... My budget calls for $486, but I think I can make it an even $500 without too much added suffering.  *whimper*

Ok, I can do this... I can do this.  I can't look.

Done!  ah, sweet steps to victory.

Smallest Loan balance before:$3487.27
Smallest Loan balance after:   $2987.27

Phew, that was actually easier than I thought and it feels really good to see that balance drop.  Almost like i'm winning?  Maybe?

I know I couldn't handle myself in the grocery store last Thursday, but I'm really considering challenging myself to a one month spending fast.  I want to win more and I want to win faster!  I know I am not prepared to do anything longer... and anything shorter just seems like I will start bargaining games.  Can I really restrain myself during a Black Friday of a lifetime?!?  Seriously folks, that is the best time to buy a vaccuum.  1.) No one bum rushes the vaccuums and 2.) there are some amaaaaaaazing deals.  I love my bissel, it's the $20 gift that keeps on giving.  ;)

Hmmm, lots to think on.     

Maybe January would be a better month for this?

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