Monday, October 31, 2011

No Spend November

I've decided to go for it and do a month-long spending fast.
     1.) because there's no time like the present and
     2.) No Spend November just has a nice ring to it.

I have some major expenses coming up this month and it's going to require dipping into the ol' savings.  The first being new tires for my car.  I am planning on going the el cheapo route courtesy of my nearest Sam's Club.  Two tires should run me about $150.  The second big expense I have is my exam fee for the patent bar (United States Patent and Trademark Office Certification) 450 big ones and whatever it will cost for an official university transcript.  Ugh.  Throw in some medical bills and I am already going to have a lean... err negative month.  Since i'm gonna be broke a spending fast should be easy, right? *gulp*

This will include:

No eating out
No fancy coffee - Oh ocassional latte :(
No haircut - even though my wavey/curly hair already looks crazy with a side of crazy
No dance classes
No entertainment - movies, cafes, book stores, cross country skiing pending snow
No craft store - make use of what I already own
No new hobbies - I'm a learning/trying/seeing/doing addict
No new activities - Ninja lessons are out this month :/  Zumba is already paid for through November
No new glasses - worst case scenario I have enough contacts to get me through the month
No treats for my nieces and nephew
No shopping whatsoever!!! - 'cept for food + other items necessary for 21st century survival
No sea salt dark chocolate caramels from the grocery store *sigh*
No fun trips - Thanksgiving being the only allowable trip of course
No presents - Make it or Bake it, baby
No favors - the picking up little things and saying "nah, don't worry about it"
No Groupon/Living Social/Dealio's etc.

and require:
creative meals with the assortment of canned goods in my cupboard
cleaning my room for fun...
More patent bar study time
more xbox time!!

Ok, so there might be a positive hidden in there :)

The one thing I'm really having trouble with though is Black Friday.

*gasp* BLACK FRIDAY???  How can you possibly do a spending fast and even consider participating in that travesty of impulse consumerism?!

Eh, economic stimulation...?

I know, I know.

For me, it's less about shopping and more about spending time with my sister and having fun amongst the insanity.

I reaaally want to make an exception, anyone care to dissuade me?

I know this may seem like big time cheating and hypocrisy, but it's a tradition for me and my youngest sister.  It might seem like a twisted way to "focus on relationships" but it's one of the few nights a year that we get to spend together.  That and I realized I have a small amount of B-day cash kicking around that I never spent.  My family lives close to a small town so the big places to be for Black Friday is the and JCPenney.  As I said in my previous post, it's a great time to buy a vacuum and the like.  Our shopping usually includes a late night trip through the drive thru for jalapeno poppers, some midnight madness at for a couple $3 DVD's or a cheap video game.  This year there will be no vacuum cleaners or sewing machines, since I covered those bases last year.  Then we head home for movies, wii and odd-hour baking.  Drag out of bed early, hit another drive thru for breakfast and hop over to the Penney's, not buy any of the Black Friday items, scour the 99 cent rack, Swap clothes over the dressing room dividers, and run out with a bag of clothes that cost $20 with a $250+ savings.  Budget for me and the kid? $40 cold hard cash.

Though Sister, if we do this I'm holding you responsible for us not buying another jellybean poopin' reindeer.  Albeit cute, does not fall under the needs list this year...


  1. Does this include No-shave November?

  2. Until you wrote this, I had totally forgotten Black Friday. Wow. That's gonna be tough but I am gonna prove it can be done! Good luck!!

  3. Yomi: It might be a sad month for boyfriends... Hope there are no pool parties any time soon :P

    Rebecca: I know! Thanks and good luck to you too! If you come up with any fun alternatives do share. I think my sister and I are going to improvise our shopping and shenanigans with a clearance or thrift store upcycle project.