Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 Days Down... 28 To Go!

Yesterday I was faced with my first dilemma, err dilemmas.

First thing I saw when I opened my email was a dealio coupon for 50% off a punch pass to my favorite dance studio.  My first thoughts were resist, resist.  My head got woozy and my heart started beating through my chest.  50% off, how could I not click BUY!  After a few deep breaths I regained enough composure to see that the coupon was for new students only.  Dang!  I mean Yay? I mean... arrrgh.  It's going to be a really long time before I see my favorite Twin Cities B-Boy, J-Sun, again.     

photo credit:  David Ellis via Minnesota Monthly

I haven't told too many people outside of the blog-o-sphere that i'm doing a Spending Fast.  Mainly for selfish reasons, because I wasn't too sure how they would respond, so I just wanted to avoid it altogether.  That and as an engineer I am already faced with enough crickets as it is... 

*chirrrp chirp chirp*

Sooo when my friend called and asked me to come out for her birthday I suddenly wished that all of my friends' birthdays didn't exist for the next month/year/millennium.  Boo, not going to happen, so I sucked it up and told her that I was happy to come up, but doing a little experiment about not spending any money.  Then I proceeded to hang up as fast as I could so I would not have to offer any explanation.  When I arrived at her birthday outing, she offered to buy me a drink as a thank you for doing her hair for Halloween.  I was tempted, but declined since this is a choice that I made.  I explained that I have money I could spend, but I am simply choosing not to in an attempt to pay down my student loans faster yadda, yadda.  I was surprised at how responsive and respectful everyone was.  Yay for having cool friends!   

When I got home last night I began pouring over the data in my Mint account and my spreadsheets.  I started looking at the totals and realized that from September 2010 to September 2011 my total balance for my student loans only went down $849.54.  That is just horrifying and unreal.  I owe over 100k in student loans.  It just made me realize how important and necessary these lifestyle changes really are if I ever want to see the end of this.

After one year of payments and only a change of 850 bucks. 
How's that for motivation?


  1. resist! resist the urge to spend!

  2. I'm trying! Does this mean I get to stop paying your cell phone bill? :P