Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Review: Money Love by Meadow DeVor

I had a busy weekend, but I managed to find time to sit down and read straight through Money Love.  This was a great, easy read with lots of lessons to apply to all areas of your life.  I loved it because it's challenged me to completely change the way I think about my income, my debt and my spending.  To be honest this was the first personal finance book I have made it all the way through.  I've always assumed finances were as simple as "spend less than you make", but there are really so many more negative thoughts and feelings that are attached to each financial burden.  This book is all about finding peace with your situation, finding joy in your spending, and finding love with your money. 

There are just so many great takeaways.  The book introduces the concepts, but it will take some work on your behalf to fully understand them and apply them to your own life.  
  • Refocusing negative immobilizing thoughts into positive proactive ones
  • Finding security in yourself instead of wants
  • Letting go of the feelings attached to your debt
  • Forgetting about numbers
  • Viewing your earning and spending in a positive, neutral or negative light
  • Understanding the emotions and thought patterns attached to spending and earning.
  • Changing your thinking/wants/needs without punishing or limiting yourself.

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  There are so many valuable lessons and they will compliment any money saving approaches you are already working on.  I know it will take a lot of work to change my thinking, but I am in love with the idea of no longer being held hostage by a number.

My life is truly abundant.

money love,


  1. Sounds like a great book!
    I'd love to hear more about how you're applying those concepts to your own financial habits.
    Keep up the good work!