Sunday, November 13, 2011

Closet Crash and Burn.

New Goal...

Have a bed that I can sleep in.  Ugh, it is covered in piles of clothes, fanny packs, glittery leggings, and sweaters galore. 

What a weekend.  I cannot remember the last time I was this busy. 

I ended up pulling 33 dresses out of my closet THIRTY THREE.  That includes some costumes, bridesmaid and sweater dresses.  But STILL, I'm completely astounded.  It's not that I'm an excessive shopper... I am pretty sure I have almost every dress from the end of my high school years on.  I set aside 11 for reckoning and 1 that I might convert into a skirt.  Never miss an opportunity for a new craft project :)

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  1. P.S. After my roommate would not stop making fun of me for my excess. Guess how many dresses were in her closet? 33! Too funny, right?