Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coffee Experiment

or Breaking up is hard to do!

Me and my Happy Cup!

Caribou, I love you, but for $3.85/latte this relationship just isn't working anymore.  I know we've tried, but I've misplaced every single one of your Summer punch cards...  Don't worry Bou it's me, not you.

I have only recently become a coffee drinker slave to coffee in my grown up life.  I held out as long as I could swearing that I never wanted to be one of those people.  On top of it all, I just didn't want my body to be chemically dependent just so that I could perform my job.  

My previous job offered me a variety tasks that I could go through on autopilot until I was completely awake.  You know, about lunch time. :)  Then I got a new fancier job that requires me to be on-point of every minute that I am there.  I got to the point where I was having to prop my head up and peel my own eye lids back just to keep the illusion that I was staring at something important on my screen.  I started buying iced tea from my favorite coffee chain, Caribou.  The cold + caffeine worked wonders to jump start my morning.  Then there came the post-lunch slump.  Everyone in my office is armed with their diet cokes.  I, being a good compatriot, picked up alliance with regular coke.  Disregarding the sugar content it had the taste of Mmmm, so awake, so refreshed, Ow!  The bubbles hurt my tongue.  It was a love-hate relationship, but it worked quite well until one morning I was so dead that I stopped for caffeine on my way into work and got another of my fave caribou drinks, caramel cappuccino with only a half shot of caramel, but instead of decaf, I got regular.  JOLT!  I was awake and working at lightning speed.

Typetypetypetypetype! Submit! I'm amazing! *cartwheel* *backflip*  Typetypetype!  You get the idea...

Coffee, it was awesome, divine and was the answer to all of my troubles.  Then every subsequent morning I was dragging at work, I ran off for my cappuccino which I sometimes changed up with an iced latte.  The coffee drinks were my gateway convenience-drug.  Next I found myself spending money on candy, snacks and lunch everyday as well.  Like any good addict, I admitted I had a problem and immediately began a step down program.  Lunch two days a week, to lunch no days a week.  I started buying bottled tea from the shop and bringing in my own pop.

Still I was spending too much and in the end it just wasn't the same.  I was always looking for that first caffeinated high.

I decided to get on the home-brew band wagon, but realized that would require actually owning a coffee pot.  Suck.  Plan B, use the coffee pot at work, but then I realized that would actually require asking about the governing laws of the coffee pot.  That scared me, so I came up with plan C.  Ah, plan C.  Instant Coffee.  OK, Before all you people start hatin' just think of all the money i'm saving.  Reeeememmmmmmber, the focus of this blog.  Saving Money.  So be nice, all right?  Before I embarked on this adventure I did my research online.  I wasn't about to waste precious dollars doing an analytical survey of bad coffee.  So thank you google and the endless forums for doing the work for me.  And the winner is... Taster's Choice.  No joke, it's not bad.  With a hit of Vanilla Almond milk it's a pretty enjoyable way to start my morning.

Ah, I almost forgot the most important part.  Here's the cost breakdown.

  $1.39 - 7 packets of Taster's Choice Single Servings
+$1.00 - Half a carton of Vanilla Almond Milk             
$2.39 - 7 days of coffee or $0.34/cup

I thought that was a pretty decent number, so tonight at the grocery store I bit the bullet and bought the 105 serving size for $9.96

  $9.96 - 105 servings of Taster's Choice
+$15.00 - 105 servings of Vanilla Almond Milk   
$24.96 - for 21 weeks of coffee or $0.24/cup

bye-bye Caribou, I will always love you.  


  1. instant coffee? never had it.
    but is the instant cheaper than buying grounds?

  2. I think they're roughly the same. ~10 cents a cup. But you have endless coffee for free across the street :P

  3. Where did you get that awesome cup? I want one!

  4. I kind of feel bad reading this while drinking my real coffee.

  5. Free GOOD coffee at work...probably the best part of my job :-)