Monday, November 28, 2011

Death by Soup!

It happened...  I hit a moment of extreme desperation.  
I had spent the entire holiday weekend away from home and swung by my apartment this morning with the intention of picking up a few things and throwing together a lunch. Again, I found myself panicking about not having anything prepared.  However, this time I couldn't even complain about eating peanut butter, because I didn't have any bread.  Things were starting to look desperate and the clock was ticking.  I had two immediate options.  Instant oatmeal or canned soup.

If you remember from my last lunch dilemma it would be a cooooooold day in hades before I went for the soup.  Well... Things were looking pretty frigid today.  After re-examining my pantry I decided that this was about as close to the End Times as I was going to get and thought soup would be a quick and conveniant lunch.  That is until I was bleeding profusely from my poor defenseless little pinky finger.  Fast forward through several minutes of compression, horror, stuffing my bandaged hand into a mitten, and driving to the clinic.  I sat in the parking lot for a good 20 minutes wondering if this was really emergency worthy.  Having insurance is still a relatively new thing for me, so I kept weighing the cost vs. the damage.  The cut was deep, but relatively small.  After much hemming and hawing I decided to go in and just get an opinion.  I was a candidate for 2-3 stitches, but opted for the home superglue bangup job. 

Never again Mr. Soup.  Never again.


  1. I think for Christmas I should get you a better can opener...unless, as in the picture, it's one of those pull top cans. Then you're screwed, I guess...