Monday, November 7, 2011

grumble grumble

Do you guys remember that uppity comment I made about being too good to eat yogurt and sandwiches for lunch?  And then threw in some whining about not wanting to eat cold foods when it's cold out?

Well, I take all that back.  Oh my gosh, do I take that back!

Due to an off schedule... poor planning?  I find myself eating leftovers for dinner and having to cook at 10 o'clock just so that I can have something to eat for lunch tomorrow.  Once last week I ended up with double peanut butter and I've vowed to never go through that misery again.  Peanut butter toast for breakfast then half way out the door I realized I didn't have lunch.  Uh oh, what's a girl to do?  Canned soup, cereal & awkwardly carry a glass of milk to work (because a certain someone has my travel mug, eh em. You know who you are ಠ_ಠ ), instant oatmeal or... peanut butter... I took the peanut butter over the canned soup.  After living off of a variety of "grown up" soups for most of college, I just can't do it.  Those puppies are being saved for some darker days... err the darkest days, because they're not being opened until the End Times.  Yuck. 

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