Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Spend November Update: Whoooooooa! We're halfway there!

Can anyone believe that the month is two-thirds of the way over?  AY!  Where does the time go!!

I've been doing surprisingly well on the wants front.

I did venture into the clothing section at Target last week.  I had a genuine need.  More trouser socks.  Yep, the same kind my grandma wears ><   But right by the socks were racks and racks, upon racks of clearance clothes.  I just turned my back to it, because I knew it was just best to not even look.  Of course, by turning away I positioned myself right in front of clearance fall jackets.  Want. *sigh*  But as I pondered the $24 price tag, I remembered that full use of my winter coat was just mere days or even hours away.  Thanks Jack Frost.  I got the message.  Now take the snow back!! 

So in the end, I spent $5 for 3 pairs of ugly ol' lady socks.  But for $5 the office won't have to deal with my funky feet.  Uh, win... right?  

This month has actually been so busy that I have had very few temptations to actually go out and spend money.  I did tag along for one birthday and one happy hour, but thankfully everyone was very interested in and supportive of my spending fast.  For the two parties I went to I made caramel filled rice krispy bars for one and I bought a carton of grocery store cookies for the other.  I've been beyond tempted to just slide and consider my $40/week valid for anything of caloric value *coughhappyhourcough*, but I am doing my best not to cheat, so I've been a little more lax at the grocery store.  On more than one occasion I have basically treated it as a drive-thru...   

Here are the Top Ten Things I Have Been Coveting This Month

New Cell Phone - Mine is over two years old and barely hanging on.  I'm in the process of shopping for a cheaper plan.  Currently, I share a family plan with two siblings and to remove the data plan we lose enough perks that we'd require the more expensive call/text plan which = $10 saving amongst the three of us.  Boo, I know we can do better than that.

Cute Ankle Boots - Thankfully as true winter is fast approaching I am starting to lose my desire for cute ankle boots, but that has only been replaced by a more practical want...  The snowboot.  Though I might add, a cute snowboot. 

Winter LBD (little black dress) - but nowhere to wear it to, just like the thought of a nice winter outfit.

Scoop Shovel - After multiple 20"+ snowstorms last year and then having my car totally and completely buried by snowplows, I need a shovel that says "I MEAN BUSINESS!"

Sunshine + Beach + Warm Weather - need to find a way to get more use out of those 33 29 dresses.  Guess I can't buy nice weather, but I would certainly love to buy a plane ticket to get me somewhere.

Yarn/Material - Every Winter I seem to get bit by the kitting bug.  Nothing like being curled up on a freezing day sipping cocoa and making pretty things.

Picture Frames - I have a few pieces of art that are begging to be hung in my office.

Books - I've been itchin to go to my favorite used book store.  Thanks to a few friends and Meadow Devor's Blog Giveaway I have nice little stack of finance books to keep me busy for awhile, and the best part - Free!

Crunch Wrap Supreme - Nothing melts my stress away like a crunch wrap supreme.  Just imagine a softshell taco, a hardshell taco and nachos rolled into one hot sauce dripping, analgesic, dream come true.  Ohhh yeah.

And crud, I'm so overwhelmed with life right now that I can't even think of a tenth materialistic thing I want...  Errrgh, New Mittens and a Matching Hat?  BAM!  11!  I've always been an overachiever.  :)



  1. there are ways to make a summer dress winter appropriate. think leggings or skinny jeans and a cardigan. Oh, and you can't for get the foots with the fur ;)

  2. @Yomi Foots with the fur? Are you implying I have hobbit feet? Haha, jk. I have been thinking of ways to winterize some of my dresses, so many of them are just bright patterns or big flowers that it might just look a little weird in the winter. Maybe I can bring a few things home and you can help me out. :)