Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quiche in the Oven

Hello Saturday!  *yawn*

It occurred to me that I never did a recap of my October spending.

My October Results
$500 additional payment to student loans
$200 to pay off my credit cards
$150 into my savings account

It was my goal to put $500 in my savings account, clearly I fell quite a bit short.  Though I did pay off my credit cards and skip off to a Girls Weekend with my besties in New Orleans.  As much as I love vacations, financially it wasn't a great time, but I booked the ticket over the Summer when I was still young and invincible and allowed to have fun...

I do have two credit cards and I do use them frequently.  However, I pay off their balances each payday.  One is a student card from my college days. It has a really low limit and is set up for my netflix and car insurance payments.  The other is my fancy grown up card which was to replace the student card, but I have just been too lazy to shuffle my bills around...kinda, sheepish of me.  Since I've gone to cash-only for my groceries and household spending it's basically just used for gas.  Why don't I just use my debit card?  Ah, because I am someone that is hugely enticed by the lure and promise of points and shiny rewards.  $_$

But more on that later, because right now the house is starting to smell so good.  Mmm...
In case you're interested here's the recipe :)


3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup of softened butter
2 tsp kosher salt
6 tbl of cold water
This is easiest if you have a food processor, but I always make it by hand.  Mix the ingredients and knead the dough until it forms a solid ball.  Add more water if the dough is dry and crumbling, but less is more!  Roll it out and let it chill in the fridge while you prepare the filling.  Separate 1 egg yolk for brushing pastry, just before adding the filling.

Filling:  This can be improvised to whatever you have on hand.
cherry tomatoes (sliced in half) leeks and aspargus is a really good combination.
Saute veggies in olive oil with salt and pepper.  Cook the veggies until they are just starting to brown, but still crisp.  I don't add the tomatoes (or other soft veggies) until the very end.

Grate or crumble some cheese into your shell, either Grueyre or Feta work really well
Add the sauteed veggies to the shell, on top o fyour cheese layer.
Mix together 4 eggs, 4 egg yolks, 2 cups cooking cream and some black pepper. Pour this mixture on top of your other ingredients.

Place your tart pan on top of a baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes at 425 F, then lower the heat to 350 F and bake for another 25-30 minutes (sometimes this can take much longer, so allow an extra 30 minutes for cooking time).  Enjoy!

Today's improvisation
The actual pic, yum

Half and half instead of cream
Yellow Squash
Green onion.
(3 eggs + 3 yolks and 1.5 cups of cream, because I'm using a pie pan instead of a larger tart pan)

Oh yeah, and I totally cheated.  I found a frozen whole wheat crust kickin' about in my fridge.  Breakfast WIN!


  1. Keep up the recipes! love the variety.

    I also use credit cards over debit because they offer more protection if you have to call and get a charge removed.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Ah, I didn't know that. I will have to look into that more. I've always just made the assumption that my credit and debit cards would have the same protection.

    Thanks, hope your weekend is full of relaxation!