Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Challenge: Monsters in your Closet!

 or what I like to call Self-Improvement Project #4104

I have what most girls can only dream of...

TWO closets!

I also have my own personal nightmare.

Too Much STUFF!

It's overwhelming.  That's all I can really say about it.  Wondering what the heck is actually in there?  Me too.

Ahh, so much clutter!

And the worst part?  That's only half of it :S 

Since I am only human and prone to distractions my goal is to just try and get through one of my closets this weekend.  Anyone got any tips?  I have no idea where to even begin.  I'm thinking everything just needs to come out and be properly sifted through.  yay... fun... cry.

I am anticipating some points of contention... like deciding the fate of my beloved zebra miniskirt, zombie costumes and ostrich feathered dress. *pre-cleaning heartache* But I know this will be good because it's about simplifying my life by getting rid of the "stuff" and getting more use out of the things I value.

That's my weekend project.  What's yours?


  1. ha. looks like my closet.
    well i wish you the best of luck on your endeavor.

  2. I still keep my costumes! But I've still found four shopping bags worth of clothes that I don't wear anymore.... I got rid of the easy things first, then went back through and tried some things on, then some things I had to wear around the apartment for a few hours (or out at night). If it didn't fit me, if it streched out while I was wearing it, if the color didn't flatter me....out they went! I still have five pairs of pants, about a dozen skirts, ten dresses, a dozen jackets, and forty tops...and that's just the hanging stuff! Two things that help me stay organized: boxes on my shelves (medicines, craft supplies, tights, baseball caps, each go in their own box) and a hanging sweater shelf system for my sweaters and bathroom towels. But, you can find boxes for free! Every cereal box, every mailing box. And if you don't like what's printed on them, paint them with some acrylic paint! Good luck, can't wait to see the after!

  3. Yomi/Sister, that does not just like your closet, that looks like your WHOLE ROOM! lol

    Laura, Gotta love any reason to dress up in fun clothes! Thank you for your ideas. Love the idea of wearing an outfit out or even just around the apartment for awhile. I definitely think that it would make it easier to part with the things that are just not meant to be. Also, love the box idea. I do have boxes scattered about my closet, but they are all stuffed full of junk from the previous move(s). Makes so much duh sense to actually dedicate boxes to a purpose.

    Things have been moving, but moving quite slowly. The one time I want a quiet weekend at home, I get invited to 3 parties and was forced to bring work home. Still determined to get it all done this weekend!

    Thanks for your tips,