Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

And it turns me into such a grinch!

Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but this little elf is starting to feel stretched thin.

I truly enjoy making and baking things for the people I love, but no matter how I try to pare down, it's simply too much during the holidays.  My immediate family has 12 people.  Then 5 grandparents, a boyfriend, his family, a few close friends and all of a sudden my list is well over 20 people.  Year after year it leaves my head spinning. 

I try to make things simple (hahaha...) by limiting myself to 4 main projects.  Women, Guys, Friends, and significant other.  Last year I made my nieces and nephew each a blanket, but this year I plan on buying their gifts even though my budget is much tighter.  I am running behind and I simply don't have the time to make them the quality gifts that I want to. Thankfully, they are ages 1-3 so it doesn't take much $$$ to impress them.  Traditionally I would also purchase supplementary gifts for my parents and sig. other, but this year everyone seems to be cutting back, so it's nice to know that my simple homemades are more than enough.  As much fun as it is to give and receive I am mostly looking forward to catching up with my sibs and enjoying a few delicious dinners.

How do you keep the holiday's simple?

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