Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Spend November: Final Results!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the delay in writing. I'm still feeling a bit under the blog weather, so this will just be a quick update of the numbers.

No Spend November had AWESOME results and it's really motivated me to continue on this money saving plan.  I will probably ease back on the reigns a bit for the month of December, my family could really use some holiday cheer. 

Here is how I did:

In total I paid $2001.80 on my student loans this month.
     $667.05 Minimum payment
     $1334.75 Snowball Payment
of that...
     $1425.39 went straight to principle, and
     $576.41 to interest.

Current Debt Standings 
November 2011 Monthly Change
Student Loan #1 $1,626.92 ($1,369.04)
Student Loan #2 $17,805.15 $0.00
Student Loan #3 $11,025.82 $0.00
Student Loan #4 $9,891.61 $0.00
Student Loan #5 $9,148.17 $0.00
Student Loan #6 $15,040.74 $0.00
Student Loan #7 $19,505.29 $0.00
Student Loan #8 $27,933.90 $0.10
Student Loan #9 $12,186.40 ($56.45)
Totals $124,164.00 ($1,425.39)

So awesome to finally see the payment tipped in my favor and such a great feeling to finally see the balance move down.  The No Spend challenge wasn't easy, but seeing the results makes it feel so worth it.  I can't wait to knock out my first loan!  

I'm using the avalanche method (mostly) to pay off my student loans.  That means I make an additional payment each month to my loan balance with the highest amount of interest.  After that loan is paid off I will take all of my additional money and apply it to the loan with the next highest interest rate and continue the process until all of my loans are paid off. 

Technically my Loan #1 has the 2nd highest interest, but it had such a low balance compared to the others, I just wanted to see it gone.  Originally I was hoping to pay this off by March.  My new goal is January :)

Stay warm,


  1. glad it went so well!
    keep up the good work snowball!

  2. Way to go!! You need to carry around that table with you to help fight off any spending urges! Even though I don't know you (in person), I'm super happy for you! -- Sylly

  3. I'm inspired! WAY TO GO!!!


  4. Go Andi Go!!!!!!!!

  5. so great! keep at it!!

  6. Wow everyone, thank you! I'm so proud that I made it through and seeing the difference is tremendous motivation to keep on going. Also thank you just for commenting, it's nice to know that there are people out there cheering for me and helping me stay accountable.

    Blog love,