Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Financial Update

Hello, hello,

I'm taking advantage of my lunch break to give a quick update of the little ol' ledger.

After a disasterous December I was still just happy to see my total balance go down by any amount.  I'm not quite sure of the total damage that was done over Christmas, I'm almost too scared to look.  In my days of rebellion I quit keeping track of my spending and experienced a little more shock than I was expecting when I logged into my bank account.  Consequently, I also experienced several days of aftershocks as purchases continued being processed in my account after the holidays. 

In total I paid $1344.60 towards my student loans this month
    $994.60 Minimum Loan Payment
    $350 Snowball Payment

Of that...
    $469.97 went straight to principle, and
    $864.63 to interest

Definitely not as sweet of a story as last month, but like I said, I was just happy to see the balance go down by any amount.  I probably won't be able to knock out that first loan in January like I had hoped, but a February pay off, doesn't seem so bad either. :) 

And so goes the battle,


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