Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Great Escape

*sigh* Steve McQueen. Err I mean, credit:  The Great Escape, Mirisch Corporation

Ok, so maybe I'm not exactly a prisoner of war... but tonight I'm escaping my life and leaving for a much needed vacation.  My sig. O has to travel a lot for his job and it just so happens that his work has him down in warm, sunny, sandy Florida, so I've decided to join him for a long weekend at the beach. :)  I might still be rebelling, but I don't feel guilty about paying for this plane ticket.  My budget has been rebounding since the end of the holidays and I've been sticking tightly to not spending (Plane ticket aside :p).  This trip for me is about finding balance.  I punish myself day after day for my financial situation and I think this is the first step in me saying that it's ok.  While I want to pay it off as fast as humanly possible, I also need to live with it for the next 5 or even 10+ years.  I always have to remind myself that I accumulated this debt over years, not overnight and that it will go away over years, not overnight.     

This trip is all about Money Love.

Snowball in Florida


  1. so happy you decided to come down.

    your sig. O

  2. Nice one! I'm thinking about building in some breaks/rewards to my debt escape plan as well. Have a great time!