Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apologies and January Financial Update

Many, many apologies, to the few people that still come around here.  I've been seriously slacking on the blog front.  My computer finally died on me and it's well... kinda pushing it to blog at work.

I ordered a new power supply and battery off Amazon to the tune of $28.  How's that for awesome?  I saved about $110 by going the generic route.  I'm hoping I can get the puppy to power on long enough to trouble shoot some of its other issues.  :/

In the mean time, just to keep things short since I'm approaching the 12th hour behind my desk today...

Here are the numbers.

In total I paid $ 1344.12 towards my student loans this month.
     $994.12 Minimum Loan Payment
     $350.00 Snowball Payment

Of that...
     $626.30 went straight to principal
     $717.82 to interest

Little by little, things are finally starting to move the right way.  It's so good to see the principal go down, but wow, I am in for a very long ride.  My most immediate goal is to try to have more money go towards paying down the principal than mopping up interest.  I'm pretty confident that I'll be seeing the end of Loan #1 this month.  A little help from my tax return will make sure of that. :)

Did anyone else do their taxes yet?  Start to finish 25 minutes flat! 

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  1. Paying $1k+ towards your loans per month is so impressive. It would be easy to get overwhelmed, but instead you continue to chip away. Rock. On.