Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Merging Our Purging (or a lesson in buddies)

Ok, ok, I confess.  I am addicted to decluttering.
So addicted that I roped a good friend of mine into helping :o 

Exhibit A:  good friend  aka unsuspecting victim...

I have a wonderful, dear, sweet friend named JJ, who truly lives a minimalist lifestyle.  Recently I asked her if she would be willing to come over and teach me a few things about living with less and she wrote back that she could... but that she could also use some of my help too.  I thought, "Yes, Great!  This will be the buddy system at it's finest!"

and from there the most brilliant idea was born:  Merging Our Purging  

She had some items to sell and donate, but no means of transporting them.  I have plenty of things to sell and donate, but some trouble parting with them.  See?  Helping each other.

Exhibit B:  Someone Else's Clutter


Jabesy, You're AMAZING!  ;)

But for real.  It was a fun way to pare down and get through some of the major sorting projects I've been dreading.  I had so many clothing items that I held on to because they were in good condition and still fit... nevermind the fact that they were from highschool!  Eeeeh, it was just time for most of that stuff to go and it was just so much easier having a friend there who could be a voice of reason.  :)

Together we unloaded: 11 bags of "stuff"
                                     3 bags of garbage/recycling
                                     2 bags to the bookstore
                                     4 bags to goodwill
                                     1 bag to a clothing exchange
                                     1 bag for hand-me-downs

Whew, what a day!

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