Monday, February 13, 2012

My computer is back from the DEAD!

 I'm not sure how long it will hold on this time.  It's really getting up there in age.  I think I've had my laptop for about 6 years now, which is something like 92 in human years?  Pretty impressive, but I really should start backing up everything on to my external while I've got the chance!

Things have been pretty good on my end.  I know I have been horribly neglecting my blog, but it's all been for good reasons I promise.  I've been spending nearly all of my time getting caught up on things I have been putting off for YEARS. 

Since I have to be out of my apartment by the end of March, I'm frantically cleaning, sorting and chucking all of my belongings.  Moving is never fun and I'm trying to head off the worst of it now.  I'm also taking Adam Baker's advice from Man vs. Debt, "Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love."  Every $20 extra on my student loans saves me $80 in interest, sounds like a win to me. 

I am happy to report that this weekend I took 4 HUGE bags to goodwill, 1 bag to the book store, filled two bags with books and magazines for my mom, sold some things on craigslist and put my keyboard out on the street with a free sign.  The keyboard was gone when I left for work this morning, so I'm happy it has a new home.  Even though I got rid of so much stuff my room still feels congested and overwhelming.  It's hard to believe how much stuff I crammed into it over the last 3 years.  Curse those most amazing, double, gigantic closets that I have...  :) 

My Weekly Sorting Strategy

Monday - Friday
Spend at least 15 minutes "gutting" one section of the room. 
Make small goals, so you have big success.
Try to do at least one shelf, one bag, one drawer, etc. 
Do a quick:  Keep, Throw, Give Away, Sell.
Throw Stuff gets taken out immediately.
Give Away stuff is set in a bag out of the way.
Keep Stuff finds a home or is set in a pile to be filed.
Sell Stuff gets photographed with the cell phone and emailed immediately.
It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, but each iteration gets easier. 

Organize Give Away/Sell bags and take them to their respective destinations.
List items on Craigslist and Ebay if you haven't already.

Repair the damage from the week.  
Tidy up.  Get everything up from off the floor. 
It doesn't matter if you're cluttering a shelf because that will get taken care of during the week. 

Once I got started the momentum really built.  With every box I get rid of I feel like I can literally breathe a little deeper.  That and it's one less box for my Sig. O to lug up and down the stairs...  ;)


  1. Ugh! Moving! How has the budgeting for that gone? I have my fingers crossed that you have a large vehicle for moving stuff to keep the costs down! That is awesome news about your principal/interest ratio! I hope you can sell lot's of stuff! We found it really gratifying... now we just need to get back at it!

    Best wishes!

  2. LOL on the Sig O! Make that man lift! I am SO impressed but all the clearing out you've been doing. It's been inspiring me to do my own. I know that it can be overwhelming but you've got the right attitude. I like thinking of moving as a fresh start...a completely blank canvas to organize.

    PS I will put $20 into your new laptop fund...just so I can keep seeing new posts!