Saturday, March 3, 2012

Goals, Goals, Goals

I can't believe it's already March!  I thought it might be a good idea to revisit those New Years resolutions, maybe make some changes or switch to monthly goals.

Uh, resolutions?  I made resolutions???  Eeek, this can't be good.  

My Finance Goals for 2012

Pay off loan #1 ASAP.  Balance is $1234.90  Complete!
Pay off 25% of loan #2 principle (17,805) About $4,500 - On target
Put $200 a month into my savings account - Exceeding expectations and hoping to save $500 per month!

Wow, even though I forgot about my financial resolutions, I'm happy to see that I was still making progress towards them.  I'm semi-conflicted in how to pay off my loans.  I know that by paying off the highest interest loans first I will save the most money, but the faster I can pay off a loan the better shape my credit will be.  Why would I even care about my credit at this point in my life?  The idea being that someday I would like to buy a home and your monthly debt to income ratio really matters.  Seeing as my loans aren't going to go away
over night it might be wise to lower that ratio first.  Anyone out there have any thoughts about this?

My Personal Goals for 2012 

Monthly goals, because I never seem to remember my yearly ones :)  - Hahaha!  Too funny
Continue my frugal ways - Have been slipping here and there, but going back to cash only to stem this
Blog at least twice a week - oops...
Write every day - this ebbs and flows, but I love starting my day this way
Go to the library! - Sadly have not made it yet.  
get my USPTO certification - Just scheduled my exam, so hopefully this will light a fire under me!
Take more time for myself (Sewing, knitting, reading, *choke* cleaning...) - Hmmm, I think I've got the cleaning part going for me!

I always seem to completely forget about my resolutions after oh, about a week.  So it was kinda refreshing to see that these were all pretty realistic things and that I was already moving towards them.  Either that or I finally know myself well enough to not set that bar too high!  

Anyway, after completely overhauling my life with this last month of decluttering.  I've decided that I just want to focus on a few things each month and just see what happens.  Since I've got a memory worse than a goldfish I'm going to add these to a sidebar on my blog and uhh maybe put a few post-its on my mirror for an extra reminder...

This month I hope to focus on:

Spending Fast

Needs only spending.
Paying with cash

Prep for Moving

Pack one box or clean one area each night

Layout Clothes
Each night I am going to layout my clothes for the next day down to shoes, socks and accessories.

 I am so not a morning person.  My routine is already pretty minimal, scrunch the curls, no makeup and breakfast in the car.  But the one thing that hampers me every morning is trying to put together a professional looking outfit.  Something is always dirty, missing or wrinkled, so it's usually several iterations and a lot of wasted time before I'm out the door.  Then my day gets even better when I get to work and realize that I'm wearing brown pants with black heels.  Awesome.  Though I think the best (err... worst?) was when I wore rain boots to work assuming I had dress shoes in my car, only to discover that my options for the day were rain boots or sneakers with my skirt.  Classy...  So, it's my goal to just look and feel a little more put together in the mornings.  

Wish me luck,


p.s.  Is any one else keeping up with their goals or resolutions?


  1. I paid off my first loan too!!!!!!!!! Miss you!

  2. Congrats!!! That's so awesome. Feels great, doesn't it? Miss you, miss you, miss you too!