Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shaking things up

My Sig. O and I took a big leap and moved in together.  Well, technically I moved into his bachelor pad cozy 1 bedroom.  It's completely flipped both of our lives upside down, but seems to be going well so far.  Over the past couple of months I had been slowly downsizing my life.  It would have been just right if I was moving into my own space, but it's entirely too much for a shared space.  There's been some hard feelings in watching 90% of my furniture go, but after the stress of moving it's one less thing to deal with.  Room by room we've been shuffling furniture and rearranging our belongings.  The B-Pad is slowly transforming into a functional living space and even starting to feel like home...

One unexpected challenge we experienced as a cohabitating couple (all two days of it) was combining our food.  I was totally unfazed by cupboards bursting at the seams, but this was kind of a shock to Sig. O's system.

Honestly, there is WAY too much.  We have an entire cupboard shelf devoted to nuts...  Yes, just nuts. Peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, sliced almonds, slivered almonds, cashews... you get the idea.

As of 2 days ago GB's fridge consisted of 500 condiments, beer, orange juice, waffles, and frozen pizza.  Everything essential for a man's survival.  I on the other hand, grew up in farm country, and came with a pantry stocked well enough to get through 9 months of Minnesota winter.

I promised my Sig. O we would spend some time eating through the reserves and he challenged me to blog about the creative concoctions I come up with.  I readily accepted this money-saving challenge, but now that I think of it, it just might have been a challenge to get me blogging again *grumble grumble* jk.  Since he has to eat what I make, I will be buying a few things to make the meals more "complete" aka more appetizing, but don't worry I know there's gonna be a Tuna Helper Trainwreck in there somewhere...  :)

So far the meals have been pretty safe since the fridge is well stocked (for now... 0_0), but I will try and post meal ideas that are worth sharing.

Day 1: Grilled Cheese and Dressed-up Tomato Soup

         Grilled Cheese
               pretty much a no-brainer, but we had a variety of cheeses on hand, so that made it extra fancy.

          Dressed-Up Tomato Soup
Lookin' Good, Soup.  Lookin' Good!

               Start with your boring old can of soup + 3/4 can of milk or water
               Dice up a medium-large tomato (any kind of tomato will work, grape, canned, etc.)
               1 tsp basil  (maybe 2 tablespoons of fresh)
               1/4 tsp onion powder
               1/4 tsp of garlic powder

               Begin by cooking the diced tomato and seasonings on medium until the tomato is tender.  Then add in the soup and water and heat until steaming or just beginning to boil.  This is such an easy way to make a boring can of soup into cafe worthy meal.  Other things you can try adding are balsamic vinegar, onion, oregano, cream or even bacon.  The possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!

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