Thursday, August 16, 2012

Apr... May Through July Financial Update

First things first.  Where the hell hav... I mean finances, right?  That's why we're all here right?  Finances.

Oh boy, so let's see where we left off.  As of March, I was steadily plugging away at my loans, when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't really have much for cash savings.  I decided that for now, it's more important for me to build up some funds than it is to continue hammering away at my loans.  The idea being that when an opportunity (and hopefully not an emergency) comes up that I won't be held back by not having the capital to invest in it.  So, for the time being I'm working on my loans, but putting as much as I can into my savings.

From May through July:

$2977.36 Total Paid toward my student loans
                    $145.00 Snowball Payment (4.9%)

                    $1457.50 Amount to Interest (49.0%)
                    $1519.86 Amount to Principal (51.0%)

                    Percentage of Principal Paid (1.3%) 

Nothing much to say besides there's a long, long road ahead...

But that's good, because that's totally like 10 years worth of blog material!

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