Monday, August 20, 2012

I Found a Box of Money!

Justin Lieberman, 2007 "Box of Money"

Yeah, Crazy!  Ok ok, so it technically wasn't a box of money, but it's a box of potential money.

As Sig. O and I sat down to unwind to a mini How I Met Your Mother marathon we both decided to tackle our own little cleaning projects.  Sig. O started sorting through 6 months of backlogged mail and I went into the closet and pulled out one of the mystery boxes still lurking around from my move (5ish months ago... oops).

The first box I pulled out was a box of textbooks I had marked for E-bay.  I looked at it and I groaned.    Taking pictures and listing crap on E-bay was the last thing I wanted to do after an already long day.  On top of that, I've never actually parted with a single textbook, and just seeing them made me all nostalgic.  Sigh. Which is confusing, because I don't actually recall enjoying many *coughanycough* of my engineering classes...

Anyway, after I started the massive cataloging and photographing session, I took a break to figure out where I would even list these things.  By  total chance I decided to check out  Did you know that you can list an item by just typing in the ISBN?  No photographing, no listing, no nothing!  All you have to do is type a few words about the condition and pick a price.  They even give you a price guide based on the current listings and previous sales to give you a ballpark for pricing.  AWESOME!

I listed almost $300 worth of items all during one episode of How I Met Your wait for it... Mother!

Alright, what can I get rid of next?!

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