Friday, September 14, 2012

Just when I get going...

Things come to a screeeeeaaaaaaching halt.

I didn't blog this, but I know I hemmed and hawed about it a lot.

My computer.

The one that was 6.5 years old and on it's 9th life.  Yeah, that one.  Well, back at the end of June I bit the bullet and bought a beautiful little Acer.  Things were going swimmingly well until I was in the middle of editing photos for a side hustle and crazy rainbows began to appear!

Ah, I wish! 

Not really, but more like...


I was hoping my photographs were creative and artistic but uhhh... not quite that creative... or artistic.  The rainbows were limited to that picture, so I began closing down the program when suddenly all of my picture thumbnails one by one turned into rainbows.  I quickly shutdown before all of my originals could be ruined only to find that my computer will not restart.  SAD!

It looks like it could be as simple as a RAM issue, but to not void my warranties I need to go the long route in getting this little puppy repaired.  :(

I hope to make my official return to blogging soon, but until then I will see how much I can squeak out on Sig. O's PC or on my lunch breaks from work.


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