Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Budget... ay yi yi

So, how did I do?

Not so great...  I went over in nearly every category and didn't meet my goal of $550 towards my snowball student loan payment.

Car maintenance pushed my automotive category pretty far over the edge...  In addition to an oil change, I had a winter tuneup and a new battery put in.  Normally, I would have changed the battery myself, but in this case having the repair shop put it in was equivalent to me buying the same battery off the shelf.

Medical went way over budget again.  Sadly, I don't see this changing any time soon.  I have referrals for three more doctors... It is so overwhelming.  Autoimmune diseases are expensive!  But on the bright side, the gluten free diet is really helping, and I've already been reducing the amount of anti-inflammatories I take.  Woohoo!

Personal Care...  That was a doozy...  After attending a fitness class in NYC I got hooked!  The lessons are out of my price range, but I pounced on a 60% off Dealio and also... maybe... pounced on a pair of boots... but they're really cute.  :)  They were also something I've wanted for years, but I always felt like they were out of my price range.  Now that I have my finances mostly under control, I can afford to splurge on something once in awhile.

I'm pretty happy that I stayed fairly close to my budget for restaurants and my NY trip.  Most of the "restaurant" expenses were from taking Sig. O and his dad supper while they were working late a few nights.  That is about as close to a date night as we got this month... 

Gifts, gifts, gifts, basically make up my entire Unexpected category!  I brought early and late B-day gifts (plus a gift for the host) for my closest friends when I went to NY.  I also unexpectedly ended up funding a crafternoon for my sister, my cousins, and myself.  oof!

As a result, I really had to pull back on the amount of money I was able to put towards my extra student loan payment.

On the bright side, every little bit helps.  I still managed to pay an extra $250 on my student loans and put some money into savings.  November is a new month, so time for another new beginning!


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