Monday, November 5, 2012

What to do, what to do???

My spending is starting to get completely out of control.


It's my family, and I don't know how to say NO (politely) or mitigate the circumstances.

For my Birthday I was gifted two 3-packs of opera tickets.  I wasn't entirely sure what to think of this since I had never been to one before, but I really did enjoy it.  The second opera is this weekend and my Mom thought it would be fun if my sister and her BF, and my brother came along to make a family weekend out of it.  I agreed, but the expectations have been building and building.  This family weekend now entails dinner beforehand, the opera, evening entertainment, hotel rooms, brunch in the morning, a Viking's football game and probably lunch or treats at the game, too! 

Everyone in my family is very frugal, so this is completely outside the norm. for us.  My mom has been in a new relationship for the past year and by some by-product it's really helped strengthen her relationship with her kids, which has sparked all of these new outings.  Prior to the last opera, none of her kids had been to one, and none of us have been to a football game either.  I get that coming from a small town, they really want to make the most of a big weekend in the city, but I am just not used to this kind of spending...

I really don't spend very much money on myself or on entertainment.  Last month I did splurge on $60 leather boots from a discount store.  Though, honestly I had been looking for the perfect, affordable pair for about 3 years now.  Shopping for clothes is based on needs and always, always on final clearance.  I also return many of the items I buy if I know I won't get enough use out of them, or don't absolutely love them.  My motto is make do, or go without, not spend, spend, spend!

So realistically... this is what the spending will look like for this weekend.

Dinner:  $30
Opera:  Free (Birthday)
Evening Entertainment: $20
Hotel:  Free (I live in the City)
Brunch: $30
Football Tix: $85
Football Snacks: $20
Misc. parking: $20
Weekend Total = $205

But then... I owed my sister $25 for my Mom's birthday gift.  And my brother bailed on the Opera.  My ticket was a promotion so it was $25, but my brother's single ticket was $60.  I asked a friend to come in his place, knowing she doesn't have a huge income, so I offered to pay $30, for half of her ticket.

So that puts my portion up to $260. 


Thankfully I live in the city, so the hotel room is not needed.  But why on earth is football so expensive!?!  It also doesn't help that my mom and her partner have very expensive taste when it comes to dining out.  Ugh.

There goes my date night, unexpected, misc cash budget, ummm... food budget... uh...sheesh.

It's still 5 days away, so I'm hoping that I can talk to my mom.  This is just too much money... 

I think I will propose hosting Dinner at my house, and bailing on the Evening Entertainment since we will be spending so much moolah on the game. 

Any other suggestions?


  1. I guess I forgot to add that I also paid for Sig. O's football ticket, so make that $345. Where's the Mylanta?

  2. are your family and sig o aware of your situation and this blog even? if so, i'd be annoyed that they expect you to do this!

  3. Sadly yes... My brother is currently going through a divorce, and my little sister is a very broke college student. It's a stretch for all three of us!

    Thankfully, Sig. O reads my blog and is a big supporter. But our general habit has been that I pay for events with my family and he pays for events with his. Technically, we should be about even since he covered my hotel stay in Chicago. However, the numbers still hurt!

  4. Hey Andi! Football tickets are way out of control expensive...especially the way the Vikings have been playing! Your ideas of having dinner at your house as well as bailing on evening entertainment are good. Additional suggestions:

    1.) instead of bailing on evening entertainment, offer to not only hosting dinner at your house, but also getting together after the opera.

    2.) Offering brunch at your place, too?

    3.) I *hate* buying food at sporting events. Even though I love the Dome Dogs, they're WAY overpriced. I try to skip food/drink (or minimize) as much as possible.

    4.) Football game parking: I know there's a bunch of places where you can park for free and take the light rail to the dome for way less than parking. I don't know where in the metro area you live, but I come from the South (Rochester) and we usually park at the station by the Mall of America and ride the rail in. Takes a little bit more time, but I don't really enjoy the post game traffic either!

    Good luck, hope you'll give an update on how it works out for you!

  5. Hey Travis, thanks for the great suggestions!

    I am definitely going to offer brunch too. It might be a little more hassle to orchestrate it and get it down to my mom's hotel, but I think the savings would be totally worth it! I'm also hoping that it's hardy enough to get me (and most everyone else) through the game.

    I've never taken the light rail in for a sporting event, but I know that I'm definitely not paying for downtown event parking! I was planning on parking at my mom's hotel and then taking public transportation in, but I know if I hoof it an extra block or two I can totally find free parking.

    Oooh!!! I also just remembered that MetroTransit actually sent me two free rides in the mail. AWESOME!