Friday, August 2, 2013

A Very Humbling Experience

I couldn't decide if I should even post this... but here it is anyway.

After I spent the last of all the money in my name on this month's COBRA (health insurance) payment I decided I needed to do something.  Just anything from going completely under.  I feel like I am currently headed for disaster with no job or relief in sight.  I've been applying to several jobs, which has resulted in a few interviews that went well, and even a couple of second interviews that went really well.  Then each time I have gotten a call saying we have had a <catastrophe> and this will delay our decision <some number of> weeks.  AUGH.  So close... yet so far...

Since finding an engineering job hasn't been going exactly as planned, I registered with some temp agencies that I used to work for when I was in college.  The interview went great and they immediately booked an assignment for me.  Then today I found out through some mixups that the week long assignment starting Monday was given to someone else.

The news was devastating.  I was already counting on that paycheck to help me keep my head above water just a little longer...

Talk about feeling worthless.  The only thing I have left in my name is debt.  :(

With no income in sight and a baby on the way, I started to look into our state healthcare options.  I found out that because I have been without any income for so long that I don't actually qualify for anything besides medical assistance.  I've never used any kind of public assistance and have always taken pride my ability to weather any situation with enough hard work.

*sigh* now I just need to find that work.  I never imagined using this blog to chronicle a backwards descent.


  1. wow, i kept checking back periodically hoping you would update the blog, i'm sorry to hear of this unexpected turn of events. you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, keep your chin up, you'll come through this all stronger for the experience!

  2. I admire you for not giving up, and for still applying new places. The right thing will click soon. I'm thinking of you every day! xoxo D

  3. Thanks girls! It's definitely not the way I saw my life going, but I'm starting to get some leads and i'm hopeful things will come together soon :)

  4. It seems you're in a bit of trouble right now but while you wait for your job offer (which will hopefully be soon) why not explore different websites that pay you money to do assignments for other people? It's not a lot of money but it's better than nothing. Do update us on what happens...