Thursday, November 20, 2014

Back from the dead... of winter!


Hello 12” of snow. Hello Winter.
I’ve already lost one of my new gloves, so I think that makes it pretty official. (Great, how much is that going to cost? Jk)
It has been so long since I’ve written here and so much has happened! The last time I wrote things were in a pretty tumultuous place, but life always seems to have a way of working itself out. Unfortunately my student loans are all still kicking around, but I’m back on an accelerated pay-off plan and look forward to watching that balance continue to slide on down.

I have definitely spent a majority of the last year figuring out the ins and outs of parenthood. I’m not sure I will ever be on top of it, because it’s always changing. Though I will say it is the best job. My life has never been filled with so much love, joy or purpose. Another challenge has been learning how to manage a dual income household. Because, guess who’s married? This girl! Woohoo! Things can get a little touchy when it comes to budgeting yours, mine and ours. Especially when one party has debt and the other doesn’t… or when one party has wildly fluctuating income.

I will definitely have to write on how we budget for our life and our little one, but for now here is a monumental catchup on my student loan statistics…

Gah, that's a bit of a painful perspective.  It's hard to believe there's been so little movement over 2 YEARS.  *sigh* This is what happens when you pay the minimum on your student loans.

Interest, you are one SOB.

It is incredibly hard to see those numbers, but this is great motivation to get back at it.   The highlighted row is the loan I am working to pay off first.  This seems a little outrageous, but I am hoping to pay of $21,316 in 2015 (Loans #3,4, & 5 or Loans #2 & 5).  I am counting on a bonus, a raise and whole lot of thriftyness to get me there.  Wish me luck! Destroy Debt!


  1. OMG you're back!! YAY! :D I have missed your blog so much. Hard to see the numbers, but also so exciting that they are going DOWN. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey

    1. Aw, thank you! Feels good to be back. Also, happy to meet another woman in tech! :)