Friday, January 9, 2015

Budget Smudget

I’m feeling a little lost in Blogland these days.  I want to keep posting, but I’m just not sure of the direction I want to go in.  There’s certainly no shortage of personal finance and student loan material… but beyond that it’s a little hazy. I just don’t think my cleaning goals are the most exciting thing to read about.

Unless you reaaaaaally want to know.  Here's a little update.

Last week:
Living room clutter pile - *poof* gone
Dining room clutter pile - *poof* fail
Donate 3 items/day from my closet - win!
Annihilate the carrots - NEARLY THERE!
New Goals:
Dining room clutter pile - *poof* now a thrift store pile
Finish off 2013 X-mas Gift - done!
Read ½ of Lean In - no comment...
Stop eating 2 meals a day at work - win!
Track spending - so far so good!

Anyway, as lost as I feel about my blog, I admittedly feel the same way about my finances currently.  It’s like I am almost back at square one.  I have very good ideas, but not exact ideas..., where my money goes each month.  I certainly live within my means, but I know I am not spending and saving as I should be.  That’s why I’m starting the year with a financial reset and tracking every single purchase I make until things start to get a little bit clearer. 

If you don’t know where your spending is start tracking Every. Single. Expense.  Today!  Right Now!  It will really be eye opening when it’s laid out in front of you. 

You don’t have to be fancy, you can do it with a little notebook or even an old check register (does anyone even know what those things are any more???)

Since I’m a bit of an enginerd I’ve set my family up with a Google Sheet that I can access by my smart phone.  We track the Date, Who Spent, Where, How Much, For What Category, For Whom Category,  and any notes, (like Finally canceled that online subscription I never use).

I also use Mint, which is totally automated once you set it up.  It’s perfect if you’re an arm-chair finance person, but it’s not always clear what the purchases are for.

Once I get a handle on where things are going I’ll need to swallow the reality of getting back on a budget.

 It’s not like I've been to the Grocery store 3 times in the last week and currently might be out of eggs or anything…  *cough*

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  1. I've been back on tracking this year after having not tracked.....well, since back when we worked together. Kind of a pain, but really worth it when I can see exactly how much I'm spending on gas (or fabric, or coffee, or Whole Foods......)