Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Spreadsheet! Yay!

Happy New Year!  Wishing you all a year of peace, love, happiness, motivation, momentum, encouragement, frugality and some MASSIVE DEBT CRUSHING ABILITY!

I had a fabulous time welcoming the New Year.  Life has been so hectic, I would have been happy with a quiet night at home.  Instead, we ended up going out for dinner, and then on to a party where we caught up with friends and had the best time playing some very ridiculous board games.  I think I spent a majority of the night in tears from laughing so hard.  A night surrounded by friends, food, love and laughter.  I couldn't have imagined a better end to 2014.

Since I had today off of work I knew I wanted to start the New Year out right.  I tackled a huge list of home projects, snuggled my babe, squeezed in a blog, created new financial spreadsheets, and spent some time reflecting on this crazy ride that is my life.  Two years ago, if I had known what was coming, I probably would have FLED!  Uhhh... wife?  mom?  jobsplosion?  uhhh...  RUN! But now that I am here, there is just SO MUCH happiness.  Literally, at times, I feel like I am going to burst.  I never could have expected this and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I can't help but wonder what else life has in store.

Ok, hoppin' off the sap train.

I'm not really big on New Year's resolutions, but after seeing them posted everywhere it has me  formulating concrete ideas around the things I'm personally striving for.  And I just have to say that while goals, and resolutions, and REAL solutions are awesome, it's good to remember that every day comes with a new beginning and a chance to begin again.

For my new beginning I hope to...
1.) Set weekly goals, because I know I will totally biff it on monthly and yearly goals.

2.) Pay off at least $15,000 of principal on my student loans.

3.) Get my Patent Agent's License

4.) Get a work promotion and pay raise! (Cha-ching!)

So here's where I'm beginning.  These are my first week's goals (Jan. 1 - 4)
  • Remove the clutter pile from the living room.
  • Remove the clutter pile from my dining room
  • Each day remove 3 things from my wardrobe.
  • Annihilate the carrots.  
So far so good.  Living room and dining room are almost done.  I've filled a bag of items to donate and look forward to freeing up closet and fridge space.

Crush it.
Love, Snowball

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