Monday, March 21, 2016

So much catch up

*****Originally written in 2015, just never hit publish...*****

March, Hi.  Where did you come from?  And thank you for the respite from the bitter cold. 

January, what happened?
February?  Good Riddance.

It's really hard to believe that a week ago we were having temps below zero and windchills in the -20's. 

Here is what happened in January.  Pretty low key. 
(lost the infographic but paid the Standard $870 base payment)

Here is what happened in February.  Pretty low.. WAIT, WHAT?!

Yep, something magic happened...

I paid off a loan and took a big chunk out of another!

*cue shooting fireworks, the marching band, and streaming banners*


So much happy

More to come in another post...

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